About RiMaCon

The RiMaCon Project

The construction sector is one of Europe's biggest industries, accounting for 10% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP), with approximately 94% of manufacturers being small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). This sector directly employs 12 million EU citizens, while 26 million workers are dependent on the sector. However, due to the global economic crisis, the last few years have been full of uncertainty for many companies in the construction and engineering industry. Companies face fierce competition and winning new contracts as well as delivering on schedule and on budget is fundamental to their survival.

Literature reviews to date show that there are no simplified risk management frameworks available that are affordable by SMEs. The challenge to be addressed by this project is therefore to develop a cost-effective, user-friendly risk management system which evaluates, monitors and reviews both imminent and impending risks with a view to completely eliminate or significantly minimize their impact.

The RiMaCon project's goal is to implement a collaborative effort to promote the sharing of knowledge and competencies in a long-term strategic research partnership.

List of Participants

  • University of Wolverhampton (UK) - Project Coordinator 
  • University of West Bohemia (CZ)
  • Vettorazzo Construzioni (IT)
  • Computors Ltd (UK)

Transfer of Knowledge

One of the key features of the RiMaCon project is the transfer of knowledge (ToK) between commercial and non-commercial partners. This ToK takes place by employees of one organisation in the consortium going on secondment to another organisation within the consortium in order to share knowledge and progress work.

The approach towards the design of the ToK programme for the project has been to address the intersection between:

  1. Science & Technology Objectives
  2. Needs of SMEs in the Construction Sector
  3. Partner's Competencies
The most efficient way to deliver project activities is through this intersectoral ToK programme as the skills and expertise required are dispersed across difference stakeholder groups. 

It is planned that 12 researchers will undertake 44 fellow months of secondments across the lifetime of the project. Recruitment of 2 experienced researchers will bring new research capacity to Vettorazzo Construzioni and the University of Wolverhampton. 

For more details on the RiMaCon project, please click here to download our printable flyer: