Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Martin Hirman completes 3 month secondment to Vetto

RiMaCon researcher Martin Hirman (University of West bohemia) has recently completed a three month secondment to Vettorazzo Costruzioni (Vetto). Martin had been at Vetto since December 2016, focusing on WP5.

During the secondment the following key tasks were addressed;

  1. Testing data collection
  2. Preparing test scenarios
  3. Transfer of knowledge on simulation to Vetto staff
  4. Adding testing data to the software database
  5. Verification and validation of software
  6. Preparation of "user satisfaction questionnaire"
The testing data created will serve as the starting data in the prototype software but can be changed by the user. Testing scenarios were prepared and a lecture delivered to staff at Vetto on the theoretical background of software testing and a practical demonstration of the RiMaCon prototype. Martin added all risk factors, key risk indicators and objectives to the software database and verification of the software achieved in collaboration with the recruited researcher from the University of Wolverhampton. A user satisfaction questionnaire was designed and is ready to use. 

The RiMaCon consortium thanks Martin for his significant contribution to WP5.