Monday, February 20, 2017

Secondment News

As the RiMaCon project draws to a close at the end of March, several secondments are currently underway in order to continue work on testing and validation of the prototype software.

Marco Vettorazzo (Vetto) is currently on his final secondment to the University of Wolverhampton, as is Craig Smith (Computors). Dr Shuba Suresh (University of Wolverhampton) is also on secondment to Vetto this week, joining Martin Hirman (UoWB) who has been on secondment to Vetto for some time to progress work on WP5 (testing & validation). 

RiMaCon project co-ordinator, Prof. Chike Oduoza has recently returned from Vetto where he spent a week on secondment to familiarise himself  with the prototype and progress work on testing and validation. He was joined by the recruited researcher from the University of Wolverhampton who demonstrated the prototype software to staff from Vetto and those on secondment and advised on the approach to testing and validation.