Thursday, December 22, 2016

Project Management in Small to Medium-Sized Enterprises: Matching Processes to the Nature of the Firm

An interesting paper in International Journal of Project Management 28(8):744-755 · December 2010 looks at how project management can play a significant role in facilitating the contribution that small to medium enterprises (SMEs) make to the economy. Research was undertaken to identify the nature of project management required by SMEs, and the results of the qualitative stage of the research are reported in the paper available here:

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Secondment News

Craig Smith (Computors) recently commenced his latest secondment to the University of Wolverhampton (UniWolv). The focus of Craig's secondment will be to update the user interface of the RiMaCon software prototype, create a test version of the software on a web-server, provide a functionality document for users on the basic functions of the software, and to improve the responsiveness of the software on mobile devices.

Chike Oduoza (UniWolv) will be travelling to Vettorazzo Costruzioni (Vetto) next week for his latest secondment. During this time, Chike will undertake site visits, provide updates on work package 4 and work package 5, and agree with Senior Project Managers from Vetto which live and past projects could be used to test the RiMaCon software. 

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Can SMEs help solve the housing crisis by taking a philosophical approach to risk?

Construction New (UK) argue that the key to delivering the 90,000 homes a year needed in the UK will be whether SME house builders and contractors can get a fair share of the pie. The article suggests that SMEs shy away from larger projects (£5m - £20m projects) due to the way that risk is allocated and ensuring that risk sits with the party best able to manage and mitigate it. 

Read the full article at