Friday, November 11, 2016

Work underway to enable validation of RiMaCon software prototype

RiMaCon researcher Nengi Odimabo (University of Wolverhampton) undertook a two-week secondment to Vettorazzo Costruzioni in Italy last month in order to begin preparations for work package 5 (testing and validation). 

At the time of the secondment, the complete prototype of the software was still under development, however, it was the focus of the researcher to determine what the expectations of the software are from the users at Vettorazzo Construzioni and what their expected output from the software is. In order to achieve this, interviews with project managers were conducted, documents analysed and site observations carried out. As a result of this secondment, the researcher was able to identify a number of expectations from project managers at Vetto.

Implementing new risk management software for construction SMEs can be a significant shift for an organisation, the software developed should provide a disciplined environment  for proactive decision making, help to determine what risks need to be addressed, and to implement actions to go with those risks.

Further secondments are planned for later this year.