Thursday, November 24, 2016

Marco Vettorazzo completes penultimate secondment to the University of Wolverhampton

Marco Vettorazzo (Vettorazzo Costruzioni (VETTO)) has recently returned to Italy following his latest secondment to the University of Wolverhampton. 

During his secondment, Marco carried out tasks such as demonstrating what VETTO and SMEs expect from the RiMaCon software, training on the draft software, looking at how to validate the software and meeting with key project staff to enable Transfer of Knowledge (ToK).

Marco identified several key requirements that the RiMaCon software needs to fulfill in order for SMEs to engage and take value from it:

  • The software should be simple and user friendly as many SMEs won't have staff directly involved in risk management
  • The software must help the user see all the risks that would usually be inside someone's head
  • The software must give the user a quick result to simply the job of the project manager
  • For future iterations of the software, it would be beneficial for companies to be able to compare old and new projects
Marco also carried out work to identify additional key risk indicators in addition to those identified in previous work packages before considering how best the software may be validated by VETTO.