Friday, September 9, 2016

RiMaCon Recruited Researcher to present at ESREL 2016

RiMaCon recruited researcher (Uni WLV) will present at the upcoming European Safety and Reliability (ESREL2016) conference in Glasgow.

The conference takes place from 25-29 September at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow. ESREL 2016 brings together researchers and practitioners in safety, reliability, risk, resilliance and asset management to look at new approaches to deal with challenges faced across all industry sectors.

The paper being presented by Alexios is titled Towards a Risk Management Prototype for Small and Medium Enterprises in the Construction Sector.

A review of the conference and presentation will be added in due course.

Further information about ESREL2016 can be found at

New EU Project Officer for RiMaCon

The RiMaCon consortium would like to welcome Linda Curzola as its new EU Project Officer.

Linda replaces Gianluca Coluccio as Project Officer and the RiMaCon consortium looks forward to working her. We would like to thank Gianluca for his involvement in the project.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

SME owners taking unnecessary risks with business future

A study carried out by Haines Watts suggests that UK SME owners are putting business success ahead of personal gain, reports SME Insider. It also revealed that company owners are ploughing a lot of their personal wealth back into their business, leaving their financial security hanging in the balance. 

The survey showed that as many as half of company owners have a main supplier that they could not live without and 43% have a major customer that they rely on.

Little referendum hangover for SME house-builders

The Construction Index (UK) report that a survey of SME house-builders has revealed that two-thirds have seen no significant changes to their project pipelines in the wake of the EU referendum. 

A survey of 108 SME house-builders in England by the Federation of Master Builders (FMB) found that 69% are yet to see any impact on their business. Although 10 firms (9.5%) had seen a project cancelled since June's vote. and 23 had experienced delayed decision-making.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Pioneering procurement contract makes it easier for SMEs to access big contracts

Builder & Engineer report how a new Framework Alliance Contract (FAC-1) can help SMEs gain access to significant public contracts. 

This new contract combined with the latest procurement rules has enabled SMEs to tender for parts of bigger overall frameworks with Futures, creating healthier competition in the marketplace and access to a richer resource pool for the organisation.

RiMaCon Consortium meeting in Pilsen (CZ)

The next RiMaCon consortium meetings takes place in Pilsen on 14th September. Representatives from all partners will be in attendance.

As well as focusing on management activities, partners will receive a presentation of the final report on work package 3 from Jan Simota and a presentation on the progress of work package 4 from Neil Smith and Alexios Tamparopoulos. There will also be forward planning activities to look at secondments due to take place between September-16 and March-17, work package 5 planning and planning for further dissemination activities. 

Monday, September 5, 2016

UK construction sector stabilises in August

Property Reporter write that UK construction companies indicated a sustained reduction in business activity during August, but the pace of decline was only marginal and much softer than the seven-year record seen during July, according to IHS Markit data.